Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cat Toys

Lexy has been living with us for over a year now and has gotten lots and lots of cat toys in the meantime to amuse herself. The cat toys vary from small toy mice to fluffy balls to lasers. Some of them have piqued Lexy's interest more than others, but there are two cat toys that drives our cat absolutely crazy each and every time: Da Bird and the laser. Da Bird is an interactive feather cat toy that look and sound like a real bird in flight. Lexy goes crazy after it each and every single time leaping and running after it. The only caveat with this toy is that the feathers gets torn up fairly quickly by our cat's strong claws and teeth and we had to buy replacement feathers fairly frequently.

Lexy also enjoys chasing after a laser beam--she thinks it's some sort of a weird insect. The laser beam is better than Da Bird in the regard that Lexy can not "catch" the laser beam and rip it apart like she does all the time with feather cat toy. But the laser toy can also cause damage to her eyes. Also, I think she's a little frustrated that she can't catch it ever!

The worst cat toy that we ever bought for Lexy is also one of the more expensive cat toys--a remote control toy mouse than stopped working after less than a day. If I could start all over again, I would simply buy Lexy just Da Bird and a laser pointer. It would have saved us a lot of money and our cat would had a lot of interactive fun chasing after them.