Friday, September 24, 2010


Seffie is doing very well. She greeted me with very cute meows and immediately begged to be petted which I happily obliged. She purred happily for a while. I then cleaned her litter and gave her some fresh food. Her food bowl looked full so I didn't put any new food in the bowl.

We then had a great time playing with the bird toy. She jumped after it super high! Eventually her hunt was successful and she "killed" the bird. She then walked away looking very proud.

I petted her some more before leaving. Very cuddly!

Here are some more pictures of her.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeding Feral Cats

Only two cats showed up to be fed around noon today. Hopefully, more will show up later after smelling the food. The two very shy feral cats sure appreciated the food though and had excellent appetite!

Here are the pictures AND videos of them :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Cat Olympics

Nadine won the gold medal in the bird toy catching category and Big Ed won the gold medal in the laser category :)

Big Ed chased after the laser with great gusto. He jumped on the walls super high and he even ran in circles chasing after it :) Nadine as usual put the bird toy in her mouth after catching it and dragged it under the bed, under the futon, and under the table.

As a reward for winning those gold medals, Big Ed and Nadine enjoyed a plate of all natural bonito fish flakes for cats. I think that Big Ed ate more than his share of it though :) I left them happily munching on the flakes when I left :P

Click here for pictures AND videos :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Ed and Nadine

Big Ed and Nadine and I had a great time playing with the birdy toy. Big Ed growled and hissed whenever he caught it thinking that it was a small bird. Nadine would carry the bird toy in her mouth and drag it under the table or under the couch or under the bed. It was super cute! They are super athletic too--jumping over each other.

Their food bowl was still full so I didn't give them any more food. Abigail and I petted them too. I guess I shouldn't have played with them so much since they were much more interested in catching the bird toy than being petted!

Here are some pictures of them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mec and Minou

Mec and Minou are doing very well :) We had a wonderful time playing with the laser toy. I thought they would enjoy a different toy instead of the usual da bird toy. Mec was more interested in the laser than Minou. He galloped across the room several times chasing it. Minou would occasionally chase after it when the laser bug got close to her, but she left most of the playing to Mec. I think that I played a tad bit too much with Mec because I heard him panting. I left him completely tired out staring at the wall hoping to another laser bug shows up :)

I also gave them several whisker lickings tuna flavored cat treats. Minou was very interested in them and followed me around begging for them :)

Here are more pictures AND video of them :)