Thursday, November 25, 2010


Sam greeted me with excited and cute meows when I came :) She followed me around as I prepared her food and cleaned her litter. She was very happy to see me preparing a plate of food for her. She meowed happily, but didn't really eat much of it. We then had a nice cuddling session. She purred and flopped around as usual. She's such a sweetheart :) She was also very interested in my bag and kept on trying to get into it. We played a little bit with the laser, but she was much more interested in getting petted. I also brushed her a little bit and give her some treats. I sprinkled some catnip on the rug for her and she happily rolled around in it :)


I was happy to see that Bruno came out of his shell :) He was still hiding in the closet when I came, but as soon as I opened a can of cat food for him he appeared chirping excitedly. Since it is Thanksgiving (day of gluttony), I gave him half a can instead of a quarter. He was VERY happy about that and he ate with great enthusiasm. We then played with the laser (he didn't seem very interested in the birdy toy). He then lost interest in the laser and returned to the kitchen to eat some more canned food. We then had a nice petting session and he rolled around getting his belly rubbed. He super affectionate and he kept on butting his head against my hand :) He purred a lot too. I then sprinkled some catnip on the floor and he rolled around in that :) He left him happily high on catnip!


Sunny was lounging on the bed when I came. He seemed very comfy and cosy there. As soon as he saw me, he jumped off the bed and led me into the kitchen. I gave him some more dry food and a fresh plate of wet food and new water. He ate some. He wasn't very interested in the bird toy or the laser. He chased after the rat toy for awhile, but soon got tired of it. So we played another game--I would throw the rat toy and he wouldn't move :) We then had a nice petting session. He really likes his cheeks stroked :) I sprinkled some catnip on the floor for him and he was happily sniffing at them when I left :)

Clover and Mayflower

Clover and Mayflower greeted me with excited meows when I came in. They got even more excited when I opened a can of food for them :) Clover stood on his hind legs and put his paws on the table and Mayflower meowed excitedly. Mayflower and Clover tried to steal each other's food all the time. After they ate their food, we had lots of fun playing with the laser. They ran across the apartment chasing the laser bug. After they got tired of the laser, I petted the cats. They purred a lot. Clover is super affectionate-he even licked me :) They were also very nice to each other touching noses and grooming each other. The evening went pretty much the same as the morning.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zucca, Cinquo, and Iggy!

Zucca, Cinquo, and Iggy are super cute and are available for adoption through Hyde Park Cats! They were so excited to be fed that they knocked over their bowl before I finished and started eating the spilled food :) After they had finished eating, we had lots of fun playing with the bird toy and laser. They are sooooo playful and ridiculously cute! Cinquo caught the bird toy and put it in his mouth and walked around with it. It was really cute. He also hissed and growled at it as if it was a real bird :) Take them home today!


Bruno already misses his cat mommy :( He was hiding in the closet when I came and didn't want to come out. I waved the bird toy around and used the laser, but he still stayed in the closet. I finally lured him out of the closet with some cat treats :) After he had some, I tried to get him to play with the laser but he wasn't very interested in that or the bird toy. He went back to the closet. I petted him a lot in the closet though. He was very cuddly there and would bunt his head against my hand a lot to get more petting. I left a quarter can of food on a plate in the kitchen for him to eat later. Hopefully, he will feel more comfortable with my presence tomorrow and would come out to play with the laser and bird toy!


Sam greeted with with cute and excited meows when I entered the apartment. She wasn't interested in her quarter can of cat food sprinkled with cosequin. She was a lot more interested in being petted! We had a nice cuddling session. She flopped around a lot and purred. We then had lots of fun playing with the bird toy and laser. She is so sweet and cuddly :) She loved the bag that I had bought over and tried to get into it all the time. After she had paid her dues in cuddling, I sprinkled some catnip on the floor and she happily got high. She wasn't interested in anything but catnip after that. I sprinkled some more before I left so she will have some to enjoy later.

Mayflower and Clover

Mayflower and Clover are doing very well. I didn't have the skills to serenade them with Chopin, but I don't think that they minded :) They immediately started meowing excitedly when they saw me heading to their food bowl. After they had finished eating, we had a lot of fun playing with the bird toy and laser. They ran after the laser excitedly. Clover jumped really high after the bird toy. Mayflower was more of a relaxed hunter. She would swat at it when it came closer to her. We then had a cuddle session and both Clover and Mayflower enjoyed some pets and scratches. They look very happy and healthy!