Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cato and Vania!

Vania greeted me with super cute meows when I walked in. He was super affectionate and cuddly. He crawled into my lap and started kneading me :) We had a nice cuddling session before he got too hungry and led me into the kitchen. I gave them some fresh food and water and cleaned their litter. Cato was sitting on the bed when I walked in, but as soon as she saw me she jumped off the bed and ran under it. However, she came out from under the bed when I played with Vania using the bed. She chased the laser just as enthusiastically as he did :) She would scamper across the apartment and jump on the walls. She didn't want to be petted though and would ran away when I got too close for her comfort. They were both panting and happy afterwards.

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