Sunday, October 19, 2008

Which Litter Box?


When we first got Lexy, Anton and I bought the $40 Omega Paw and Roll Cleaner. It was significantly more expensive than the $5 traditional litter box. However, we justified the high price by telling ourselves that it will be significantly easier and faster to clean the litter.

We never have a basis of comparison until we got Mimi who uses the traditional, cheaper litter box. Although it is slightly faster and easier to clean the litter using the Omega Paw and Roll, the cats seem to prefer the traditional litter box. Lexy has now almost completely stopped using her old litter box and has been using Mimi's litter box for the past two weeks. However, a significant disadvantage of the traditional litter box is that the litter flies everywhere as the cats cover up the evidence of usage. It's not that the litter does not escape from the Omega Paw and Roll Cleaner, but a lot less does escape. It's not a lot harder or slower to clean up the traditional litter box, but it is annoying to have to vacuum around the litter box every day.

Verdict: The traditional litter box because the cats seem to prefer it and it is not very hard to clean.

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Anton said...

WRONG verdict! The omega box is much nicer and easier to use! And who cares what the cats think!