Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to Keep a Cat Alive for Longer

Mimi is a seventeen year old cat. Had he been a human, he would have been around ninety years old. That is quite an accomplish for a cat to live for such a long time.

The key to Mimi's longevity? Water. Mimi drinks an astonishing amount of water very day--a huge bowlful. That has helped prevent him from the common urinary diseases and kidney failure that plague most cats as they grow older.

Moreover, Mimi has been mostly an indoor cat for most of this life. That means he is not exposed to harmful dangers that could cut his life short, such as getting run over by a car, expose to FIV, etc.

Unfortunately, Mimi is overweight and since he is old, not prone to exercising or running about. That makes him prone to diabetes, arthritis, etc. I been trying to feed him less--despite his vigorous meowful protests.

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Anton said...

Mimi is smart - he is reading New York Times!!!