Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to Deal with a Biting Cat

While Lexy is the perfect cat in many, many ways (cute, playful, and fluffy), she does have a terrible habit. She is a biter. She bits quite frequently as evidenced my scratched up hands. The problem is quite avoidable though and here are the following tips on how to deal with a biting cat.

First of all, never hit the cat for biting. It will only make the cat scared of you and much more likely to bite you in the future out of fear. What you can do instead is to say in a loud, firm voice "NO!" and immediately stop doing whatever you were doing with it. If you were playing with your cat and your cat play bites you, then immediately stop playing with it and ignore your cat for approximately ten minutes. If you were petting your cat, stop petting it. Your cat probably just bite you because it was either overstimulated and is giving you a love bit or it doesn't want to be petted anymore.

However, my biggest problem is that I don't want to stop petting the cat. I want to keep on to keep on touching its soft fur and continue to pet her at the expense of my hands. Therefore, my cat has never really learned the lesson that biting is not good. But lately, when she starts to bite my hand, I been redirecting her attention to a cat toy or a piece of string. That serves to make her stop biting my hand as well as letting me pet her. It's not a perfect solution, but until I can resist all the furry cuteness, that's the best solution.

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Anton said...

Can't wait until someone invents cat McNuggets. Yummy yummy